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Interested in the Sherlock MOOC? Here's a quickstart guide

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Phone outfitted with Raspberry Pi, text to speech enabled, beacon aware, cloud enabled, wifi/bluetooth, audio record/playback,  working Rotary and handset activated audio playback via speaker.  
  • beacons working 
  • text to speech working 
Run/ Step through current prototype
For more details see the Current Prototype running order 
Share Design Principals
  • The Trace 
  • Granting Agency
  • Thematic Frame 
  • Social Movement  
  • Teams Work & Prototype
Magnifying Glass Case 
Timothy A Created a wheel-like structure, designed for Android
  • Social everyone can hold 
  • Starts out as a map but then becomes a holder for the Android phone that has the magnifying glass 
  • Use it to alter the perception or participants and provide a creative spark for their imaginations  
Idea: have a revealing flap inside or back to reveal place for Android. Can have a NFC chip so when phone is placed in position the phone awakens. 
Consider Interplay between the magnifying glass prototype & rotary phone? Is there value and can it be simple? 
  • Rotary Phone User Journey Script Template
Phone outfitted with Raspberry Pi, text to speech enabled, beacon aware, cloud enabled, wifi/bluetooth, audio record/playback,  working Rotary and handset activated audio playback via speaker.  Interested in more tech specs on the phone? 
  • User Script for Rotary Phone (revised 9/12 use this one) 
Nick F 0:00 - INTRO (manual set time, Beacon-based trigger on a single Red Phone tells all of the groups to find their bodies on map)
Lance W
  • teams given bag of NFC chips, map (eventually magnifying glass holder), and red phone
Nick F 0:02 - DIRECTION OF BODY  (split up teams take two stairs to Plaza, Beacon trigger on Red Phone to position body)  
Lance W
  • to locate the body 
  • to place the body 
Nick F 0:05 - INSTRUCTIONS TO PLACE BODY (player trigger on Red Phone, when all players trigger, call tells you take objects and individually place them)
00:20 INDIVIDUALS PLACE OBJECTS (timer trigger on Red Phone, tells teams to find teammates and use map to go to lens location)
Nick F 00:30 - RETURN TO YOUR TEAMS ORIGINAL BODY (Beacon trigger on Red Phone, tells them to scan clues)
Lance W 00:40 - SCAN OBJECTS / READ CLUES / TRANSCRIBE ONE'S TEAM INTO BOOK (timer trigger on Red Phone tells them the frame for the story)
Nick F 00:55 - FINISH CRAFTING THE STORY and RETURN (timer trigger on Red Phone, tells them to return to HQ)
Lance W 01:00 - REVEAL STORIES  
01:30 - END 
Detailed with Instruction / Narrative place holders 
aag2150@columbia.edu 1.       Start of game (At Scotland Yard) || HQ sets phone to first state and sends users out with a docent and their satchel of stuff. The docent fields the first call and then hand the phone over to the players.
2.      Trigger: Beacon (outside of HQ) || “Welcome to the story, Sherlock. A crime awaits your cunning intellect. Do you have what it takes to solve it? Check your map and head to where it indicates the crime happened to start your investigation.”
Lance W 3.       Trigger: Beacon (at crime location) || “ I see you’ve reached the crime scene. The body before you met an unfortunate end. Ask the body three yes or no questions to find out more about the crime. Then position the body in its final state. Be creative. This is your crime story. When your body is ready, dial me back with the button below.”
4.       Trigger: Players press button. The phone calls back when all players have pressed the button or time has run out. || “Now you’re going to work on the other crime scenes. Reach into the satchel and pull out three envelopes. Each one contains one clue. Visit the other crime scenes here and places these clues around them where they belong. Don’t put all your clues around one body. You are doing this as individuals, so feel free to explore on your own. ”
5.   Trigger: Fifteen minutes pass || “Good. Gather your team, and follow the map to the magnifying glass. I have another secret for you.”
6. Trigger: Arrival at the Lens Location || “Look around. Your map is not just a map. It’s your tool for solving your case. Take the phone and connect that to your map. That’s how you’ll get your next step.”
7.   Trigger: Beacon (at original crime location) || “You can see that clues have appeared around your crime location. Look at them through your magnifying glass and discuss what you think happened here. It’s up to you to come up with the solution to this crime. You don’t need to use all the clues – only the ones relevant to your case. ”
8.   Trigger: Ten minutes pass || “Now that you have all the clues, it’s time to solve the case. You need to tell me who the victim was, how they died, and what the motive was. Remember: you only need to use the clues relevant to your case in your solution.”
9.   Trigger: Fifteen minutes pass || “It’s time for you to solve the case. Head back to Scotland Yard to tell your story. ”
aag2150@columbia.edu 10. Players return to HQ (Scotland Yard). (What are the wrap up beats of this part?)
Lance W
  • Details of the Planned Experience  
Running Time estimated 90 minutes
4 to 5 teams of 6 people
Teams start and end at the same time 
There are two roles - KILLERS and SHERLOCK HOLMES 
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Mireille undefined RED STONE SEA STAR
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Cera W
  • I'd be willing to help out too :)
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Object Logline:
Fiona M Insects found in and around the body of the murder victim can lead to vital evidence, drawing together the threads of the case. [Forensic Entomology]
Fiona Mac: Wandering on the Liminal Edges of Wildest Wales in search of Wonder.
Visual reference:
Original Sherlock Holmes source:
'We have him, Watson, we have him, and I dare swear that before to-morrow night he will be fluttering in our net as helpless as one of his own butterflies. A pin, a cork, and a card, and we add him to the Baker Street collection!'  [Sherlock Holmes]- Hound of the Baskervilles, e.pub Chapter XII.
Why did you select this object?
Y1. Latin name of the moth is from Greek myth and related to death. In particular 'Atrops'  refers to the three Moirai who hold and cut the threads of life. These same threads are drawn back together by Sherlock to solve each mysterious crime.
Y2. The European Death's Head Hawkmoth is a sociopathic predator of honey bees, mimicking their scent to raid the hive for honey. Sherlock often utilizes a psychological 'honey pot' technique to discover evidence (often using Watson to cover his scent). 
Y3. The skull like pattern on the thorax plus the sharp squeal the moth makes if irritated, caused it to become a focus for superstition and fear. More recently, this has been utilized as a sinister metaphor for death, evil and bad omen by artists, filmmakers, musicians and storytellers.
Y4.  'Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle tells us, demanded acute observation, accurate data and careful method. This was precisely the view of the dedicated amateur naturalists of the period. The collection, study and classification of insect and plants, and the systematic reasoning based on the information so gathered had great implications for evolving forensic science.'  [The Science of Sherlock Holmes, E.J Wagner, p.33]
Y5. Moths are already part of the Internet of Things. Many Lepidoptera are nomadic and migrate long distances. Migration routes of the Monarch butterfly are tracked by citizen scientists in the US using GSM tags placed on the underside of the hindwing. 
Also, the Animal Tracker app from the Max Planc Institute in Europe tracks wildlife flight paths via cellphone towers and solar powered GPS tags. Whilst the ICARUS initiative will begin tracking GSM and GPS data of species from space in 2016.  
Enabling real-time mapping of wildlife migration across the planet, analogous to the clues in Sherlock Holmes and the IoT.
Suggested User Journeys:
  • Nomadic moth with interactive tag on underside of hindwing; these tags link clues via animated maps across cities and the planet.
  • Angel of Death: Predatory element of chaos or confusion, distracting players attention, frightening them (in a fun way), or leading them on to to dead ends.
  • Sensory elements: A Sculpted Pattern, Taste or Smell of Honey, Startling Squeak or Graphic design used within the game, in an app, printed on the reverse of playing cards. 
  • A Subtle Clue; disguised in an actors costume or props, requiring acute observation or alert inference in context to the crime. 
Objects of Interest
Note: Underlines in Y1-5 indicate citation links to source reference material
You are welcome to add more link suggestions here: 
Paper Moth Inspiration:
Helen Ward - Paper Entomology - Bristol UK
Angel of Death - Tragedy of the Commons
Non Judgmental Feedback
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  Sydneyiot 2015
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News and Updates
Valeria A MAKER FAIRE ROME (October, 16th - 11am)
Talk about #SherlockIoT - Global project and Italian experiences
Maker Faire Rome, The European Edition
Sunday October, 16th - 11am 
Meetup Archive 
Third meetup (18th March, 2016 - Together)

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