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The following is drawn from a recent Sherlock Meetup in NYC held on 9/12/15
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This page serves as an archive for the MOOC and also a quick start guide to the project. Please note that this is an emergent project with over 2,000 collaborators from 60+ countries. Over the last year more than 120 self-organized events have been staged around the world.
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Feel free to add any recommendations below (don't worry about finding an appropriate "category" unless you want to). You can include as much or as little information as you want.
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This pad is for only for MOOC participants. This pad is connected to the MOOC design challenge Object Stories - Part Two. Note: for those of you new to Hackpad, this pad's text is synchronized as you type, so that everyone viewing this page sees the same text.  This allows you to collaborate seamlessly on documents! Do NOT overwrite your colleagues work in this document - please be careful! 
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Overview of work processes, collaboration methods, and development of RFP.
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Sherlock Holmes and the IoT is an ongoing prototype that develops R&D spaces in which participants build a massive connected crime scene. Sherlock Holmes and the IoT is a massive, international and collaborative endeavor.
Our Meetup team, in collaboration with Alexis Niki and fellow Learn Do Share members worldwide, is particularly interested in developing and enhancing this collaborative endeavor through Storytelling.

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