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Notes on Sherlock Holmes & IoT
794 days ago
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 Music of Mind
  • Hey Satbir Multani are you there? I'm just going to sleep Its 2 am here.
797 days ago
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  • Conduct a personal reflection of your commitment level to your RFP team. Have you been able to contribute regularly, and in significant and meaningful ways? Have you been willing and able to share the responsibility as Sherlock and Watson, as team lead and team storyteller? How have your teammates rated your contribution at the end of the weekly design challenges? If you haven't been a full contributing member to your team, do you think you could be more involved, or would you prefer scaling back your participation from an RFP Team Member to a Crime Scene Beta tester?
  • I think I can say I have committed to the MOOC. I have been the Sherlock twice so far and I have been doing lots of Watson work because I like it. I have rated my team mates a couple of times but have not always noticed where we are supposed to do that. I want to stay committed to this process.
  • I've been a partially committed team member due to time constraints and frequenr confusion/ navigation overload. But i would like to stay on the team. But am not taking leadership role (usually i do more but on the MOOC i am finding it works best to pick up and follow the lead of lucinda and tatjana and do my bit then, once i understand what that needs to be.
  • I'm a partially committed team member because of the time constraints as well as starting graduate school while working. I want to stay on the team , and what helps is seeing a the disscusion and talk between everyone on the novo site and I can add in when I feel like I can add something. I do listen to the talks and podcasts and get a lot of ideas and thoughts from that. Which I implement in my studies.
  • When I'm involved,  I am involved 100%. It happens that I'm tired, and then I just don't make any work, but I think that I'm thinking about it all the time. I admire Lucinda's energy and push that she has. Also, I love Satbir's ideas. 
  • Conduct a needs analysis of the skills and competencies within your team that are currently missing. What could your team use more of? Are there software skills, design skills, communication skills - that are in short supply for your team and would be helpful for you in completing the weekly challenges? What has and hasn't been working? What would your ideal teammate be like? Consider logistics as well, such as language, geographic location, working hours and level of commitment to the RFP.
  • I have good communication skills. I can use a lot of different soft ware but I would like to have a really good code person on our team, I think Rachel Tatjana and I fit together really well and communicate well. Our time frames are good and match up well enough for us to work easily together. It has been a challenge for Satbir and Pedram with the 14 hour gap. I have loved working with Zhanna and I want her continued involvement.
  • I agree the time zone lag has been a bit tricky. Also the nature of the online collaboration tools, most of the tools we have used don't seem to work that well for asynchronous collaboration. Or maybe it is to do with the constraints of the design tasks.
  • I think that being a part of a team that isn't in or anywhere near my time zone in very tricky because I can't contribute when everyone else is available. When I can, it's already been said or done. I think by giving such a variety of collab tools don't always work because many of them are new tool that take a little bit of getting used to. But like Rachel said it doesn't work well for asynchronous collaboration.
  • In a way Rachel and I have an extra day because we are 14 hours behind you. I know I often submit stuff early as a draft because I get nervous and I am super competitive and I want to compete against the other strong teams. I know this is a weakness because I try to controll everything which we are being taught is not the new way! So Satbir Multani how would it be if you contribute anyway and we can all be flexible? I love your comments and I value your input and I don't mind if they are not quite in the same time frame as me. That often brings something new and unexpected. In the hackpad you can just blurt out stuff. We don't have to have it neat. I love the random yet serendiptous nature of the hackpad.
805 days ago
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Lincoln Centre Saturday 26 September 4 pm session
Lucinda Clutterbuck  LucindaClutterbuck @smitheatsmeat
Rachel Bolstad Rachel Bolstad @shiftingthinking
Tatjana Jevdjic @lulu_fabullus
  • Just finished the first game. 
  • Observations. Lag was very long. I was not sure if Adrienne Garber  was seeing my texts and choosing not to read them because they were not usefull or if she did not have time to read them. We had decided that Rachel Bolstad would write the script and I would do the improv and that we would both improvise. Tatjana Jevdjic was watching and listening on Periscope and was on skype with me. She was trying to help us get ready to read the script. I was on FB with Rachel using messaging. It was extremely stressful and frustrating because the lag was so long and I could not tell is Adrienne was seeing what I wrote. On the other hand when Adrienne did read what I had written and I saw and heard the group laughing or interacting it was very exciting. After wards Rachel and Tatjana and I had a skype and we debriefed a bit. We will write up more observations soon.
  • What is the chance of having two Sherlocks? One for concentrating on the messages on periscope and one for the other tasks of interpreting etc?  
834 days ago
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Meeting No.1
 9.pm Sydney time
Toronto 7 am
Belgrade 1 pm
Yekaterinburg 4 pm
Sydney 9 pm
Wellington 11 pm
847 days ago
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“But I could not rest, Watson, I could not sit quiet in my chair, if I thought that such a man as Professor Moriarty were walking the streets of London unchallenged.”
850 days ago
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Object Logline
A simple ivory slide top box is received in the mail.  How can something so deadly seem so harmless?
868 days ago
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I am a frequent collaborator with other filmmakers, artists groups and app designers producing and designing story-based experiences. 

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