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846 days ago
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Lance W GLOBAL CHALLENGE RFP (Request for Prototypes)
Big thanks to everyone who helped us to shape the Global Challenge RFP. The goal of the Global Challenge is to create a massive connected crime scene that celebrates the work of Arthur C. Doyle.
To get involved start by reading the following RFP
Sherlock Global Challenge RFP - here is the current draft of the request for prototypes. This RFP is open to anyone who would like to participate within the project. It details the steps and guidelines.
A look at how the teams from the NYC Meetup group are tackling the RFP
Going from Analog to Digital - On July 20th a core team of 15 participants joined us to explore the tech side of what we'll be staging at Lincoln Center on Sept. 26th & 27th. This represents the first of a series of beta tests leading up to the Global Challenge on Oct. 24th & 25th when events will be staged in 20 countries 
We're using hackpad to create a collaborative archive of the project. Here's a short video on  Getting started with Hackpad  (3 mins) and here are some additional shortcuts and FAQ - 
If you're interested in helping us document the project and/or would like to be part of a white paper that will be jointly published by the Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab and UCLA (other Universities are welcome too) please let us know. 
Volunteers Wanted
we're looking for assistance with a number of aspects surrounding the project.  Here's a list of volunteer positions
Say Hello 
Take a moment to introduce yourself and share what you're working on and what you're looking for.  One of the goals of the project is to help people connect with collaborators around the globe.  
  •                                                introduce yourself
Stay Up on Teams & Progress around the Project
We've established a Sherlock Listserv. We know its old skool but can also be effective. If you're interested receiving a daily digest of what's going on with Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things please join the Sherlock List. We're thinking that if you're a member of the hackpad you might want to opt to turn off the email notification within hackpad which is limited and opt to receive this instead. Let us know as this is an experiment.  
You can sign up here
Lance W Once you've subscribed you can send emails to learndoshare@simplelists.com 
  • For more details on the project please visit the following...
Current Prototype  - we've been collaboratively working on a prototype for the last 10 months. We focused on the human experience and are only now starting to integrate technology.
How to start a Sherlock Meetup - are you interested in hosting a meetup or would like to attend one? Meetups are being held from August to November in 14 cities around the world.
Promotional assets - we're building out a number of promotional assets. 
Coverage of the Sherlock Project - a collection of press coverage links around the Sherlock Project. PLEASE NOTE we'll be providing press guidelines, release templates and promotional assets next week when we release the Sherlock RFP.  
Prototype archive - this is an open R&D project and our goal is to capture the process behind the making of the project. 
Sherlock Prototype 5215 - on May 2nd we ran the Sherlock prototype at Lincoln Center for a public audience. 
Sherlock MOOC - part of the open R&D aspect of the project is the development of a MOOC (massive online/offline collaboration) pilot that is open to 250 participants. 
Collaborative tools what are people using to create, design, build and manage the prototypes they are making. 
Documentation of process and the experiment - One of the goals of the project is to document as much of the process as we can. In order to do so we've established this Sherlock Hackpad. We're working through ways to organize and utilize the hackpad. WANTED: If you have experience with online community development, management or happen to have some thoughts on Hackpad usage please lend a hand. 
Digital Experience Strategy - a small team is starting to shape the digital and experience strategy around the project.  This is focused on creating an environment that helps teams to connect, collaborate and produce awesome things.  
IoT resources do you have some Internet of Things resources to share? 
Sherlock Holmes Resources - do you have a good reference, resource or something about Sherlock Holmes or Arthur C. Doyle that you think could help to inspire and/or improve the project please share!
We publish articles capturing the process behind the project on Medium.  If you'd like to contribute some long reads about the project please let us know. 
sherlockholmes.io - is the central destination for the project
Welcome to hackpad for Sherlock Holmes the Internet of Things - wondering how to use hackpad? Here are some handy tips. 
Quick Start - we're working to create a quick start guide for getting involved in the project. 
FAQ - help us build a frequently asked questions section...
Checkout the Sherlock Meetups running around the world monthly
827 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Marta Martín-Núñez 827 days ago
Marta M OBJECT: Book De Jure inter Gentes
Object logline
A queer old book published in Latin
Researcher and lecturer in narrative and storytelling in games
Resides in Valencia, Spain
Visual Reference
 Original Sherlock Holmes Source Material
A study in Scarlet, page 24
"This is a queer old book I picked up at a stall yesterday—De Jure inter Gentes published in Latin at Liege in the Lowlands, in 1642 . Charles’ head was still firm on his shoulders when this little brown-backed volume was struck off.”
“Who is the printer?”
“Philippe de Croy, whoever he may have been. On the fly-leaf, in very faded ink, is written ‘Ex libris Guliolmi Whyte.’ I wonder who William Whyte was. Some pragmatical seventeenth century lawyer, I suppose. His writing has a legal twist about it.
827 days ago
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OBJECT: The Office Building
Object Logline
Sanket S The Office Building - a temporary commercial room.
Name: Sanket Sathe
I am a student at Savitribai Phule Pune University.
Resides in: Pune, Maharashtra India
An office.
The Red-Headed League
“ ‘Well, you have to be in the office, or at least in the building, the whole time. If you leave, you forfeit your whole position forever. The will is very clear upon that point. You don’t comply with the conditions if you budge from the office during that time.’
Page 4
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830 days ago
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Zhanna Y OBJECT: Violin
Lance W Object Logline
Zhanna Y Sherlock, in a moment of reflection, played the violin. The sounds and the tempo of the music conveyed his thoughts and mood.
Lance W Collaborator
Lance W Visual Reference
Lance W Original Sherlock Holmes source 
Zhanna Y A Study In Scarlet, page 45
"I was certainly feeling very weary, so I obeyed his injunction. I left Holmes seated in front of the smouldering fire, and long into the watches of the night I heard the low, melancholy wailings of his violin, and knew that he was still pondering over the strange problem which he had set himself to unravel."
Lance W 5 x why
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Why did you select or create this object? 
Why did you select or create this object? 
Why did you select or create this object? 
Why did you select or create this object? 
User Story
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