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Timothy Advani

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They subsequently received clues and instructions from Mario the Robot, interacting with him via voice recognition technology
Timothy A
  • Question: was UDOO a partner in this iteration of Turin's Sherlock game?  If not, was there an "instructable".  I am interested in knowing more about the tech?  PS - I did see the video.  
There were further clues spread around the venue which could only be “read” by using Augmented Reality app Aurasma (which the Sherlocks had been previously instructed to download the letter from Inspector Lestrade). 
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Lance W Organizers 
  • Next Meetup
"A story should have a beginning, a middle and an end, but not necessarily in that order." - Jean-Luc Godard 
On Tuesday July 26th we'll examine "The Physicality of Narrative."  Our relationship to the stories we tell and share is shifting.  As storytelling spills off screens and into the real-world it becomes tactile in ways that were never possible before. Augmented Reality (AR), the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are creating playful environments that transform the physical spaces in our lives into canvases for storytelling. But what lies beyond traditional running times, act breaks and mediums? What is the storytelling grammar of physical space and is it possible for narratives to learn and adapt to our surroundings, interests and needs?
A special evening of Learn Do & Share 
Talks on 
"The Physicality of Narrative" 
"Adaptive Play Spaces"  
Plus join Nick Fortugno (world renowned game designer and founder of Playmatics) as he sits down with innovative creators who are breaking new ground in immersive theater.  
Design Session
After the talk/group discussion we'll shift our efforts to the design of the upcoming Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things event. This session will include a special exploration of the play space at the Film Society of Lincoln Center as we continue to design and prototype the connected crime scene that will be staged at the New York Film Festival later this fall. 
This is a FREE event. 
Evenings Agenda 
6pm - 6:15pm - audience arrives 
6:15pm - 6:45pm - The Physicality of Narrative 
6:45pm - 7:15pm - Adaptive Play Spaces
7:15pm - 8pm - Fireside chat with innovative creators breaking new ground in immersive theater 
8pm - 10pm Design Sprint 
Recorded in Front of a live audience at the Film Society 
The Columbia University School of the Arts’ Digital Storytelling Lab has a new podcast entitled Crossroads. A collaboration with the Film Society of Lincoln Center, Crossroads is recorded in front a live audience at the Elinor Bunin Munroe Auditorium during our monthly meetups. The monthly podcast is a mixture of talks, interviews, fireside chats and lab project updates that explore the art, craft & biz of storytelling in the 21st Century. 
Click here to listen to episode one - "The Digital Dozen"
  • About the program
Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things is a prototype from the Columbia University School of the Arts' Digital Storytelling Lab and the School of Professional Studies. We're pleased to be partnering with the Film Society of Lincoln Center on this exciting year-long program. For more info please visit http://sherlockholmes.io
News and Updates
Feb 10th, 2016 Global Call
March 28th, 2016 Global Call
May 5th, 2016 Global Call
June 1st, 2016 Global Call 
We've locked dates for our meetups for the next seven months. 
NYC Meetup dates at Lincoln Center 
Tuesday, 2/23: 6-9pm
Monday, 3/28: 6-9pm
Tuesday, 4/26: 6-9pm
Tuesday, 5/31: 6-9pm
Tuesday, 6/28: 6-9pm
Tuesday, 7/26: 6-9pm
Tuesday, 8/30: 6-9pm
Jan 2016 
Sherlock IoT is back! 2016 here we come!
Meetup Teams 
Feel free to create hackpads for teams associated with your city or town's meetup. The more detailed the progress of a team can be around what the building the better.  You can also access the Sherlock collaboration tools / resources (Github, Slack...)
NYC teams will be forming over the next two meetups. Check back for more details. 
 Are you interested in joining this meetup? Have a question for the organizers? Or just want to say hello. Please type // on fresh line and it will create a comment. 
Lance W
  • Our next NYC meetup is on August 15th and will run for the day. We're interested in connecting with other meetup groups throughout the day. Let us know if you'd like to join us remotely.
  • Meetup Archive 
In an effort to help document this open R&D project we ask that each meetup document their progress. So please provide a running order of the meetup, photos, rich media and or code. 
  • Sept 28th, 2014 @Columbia
Our kick off Sherlock Holmes & the IoT event brought together about 30 participants for a day long collaborative lab. A diversity of participants gathered to explore how the project can experiment with new forms and functions of storytelling.
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Lance W
  • excited to share some news we just launched a new Learn Do Share fellow initiative with the State Dept. My hope is that we ca kickoff a fellow initiative around Sherlock later this year. Something that provides opportunities for participants and / or High School students. Will be discussing this with IBM next week. More news as I have it. In the meantime if you're interested to learn more about the Learn Do Share / State Dept fellow please visit http://fellow.learndoshare.net 
Fiona M
  •  Definitely  something we need to encourage., wonder if there is a dir. of local Fab and Coder Labs? 
Vivien L
  •  I met someone from Mozilla and heard that they are putting a focus on IoT this year. I will do a quick followup with their program director and find out more info. 
Lance W
  • Love the Mozilla possibilities. Have some contacts too that I can reach out to here in the States. Vivien Leung let me know what you find out on your end. 
Michael G
  •  (Raspberry PI etc)
Fiona M
  •  Michael Guy ?? Maybe Lance is referring to my Enchanted Object bunny hacking project? 
Lance W
Fiona M
  • O2O - from online to offline - going local - iterating in real time across geo locations
  •  up voting  Gill's point 3...
Cera W
  • *Note: I'm not sure how I managed to change the title of this Hackpad, but my mistake :P I changed it back to "Working Groups for Sherlock Kit" because I can't remember exactly what it was originally titled. I think there are some more weird copy/paste errors going on on this Hackpad that I will try to fix, sorry about that!
Lance W
  • No worries. Think it's been resolved. Hackpad can act up like that at times.
  • Sherlock Holmes Kit 
A kit that helps provide info, code, resources and tips. It's goal is to help onboard participants and prepare them so they can find teams and participate in the annual Sherlock Global Challenge.  
Onboard participants  
Make it easier for participants and partners to understand Sherlock IoT
Ensure that the connected devices that are created can talk to each other
Provide the information needed to jump in and start coding etc
It only given to those that complete the 1st phase MOOC a self paced EDIT version. 
The kit will help participants to form teams 
  • around ideas 
  • geo location 
  • done through a marketplace of ideas ? 
Is provided to those who have completed the self paced EDIT MOOC which opens in May 2016
In terms of development we'll be working on this online and also at upcoming meetups. 
NYC Meetup dates at Lincoln Center 
Tuesday, 2/23: 6-9pm
Monday, 3/28: 6-9pm
Tuesday, 4/26: 6-9pm
Tuesday, 5/31: 6-9pm
Tuesday, 6/28: 6-9pm
Tuesday, 7/26: 6-9pm
Tuesday, 8/30: 6-9pm
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NYC Sept. 21 - Sherlock - production, build & run through
  • 5 Android phones (Matt) to confirm how many Lincoln Center can rent under Convergence's budget (Lance) provide cases for phone)
504 days ago
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Lance W
Timothy A
  • I'll like to connect to the effort, Lance Weiler.  I'm still working on your tech for August.
520 days ago
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Listen to the call recording here
Gill W Great to hear this everyone, thanks for recording it Lance Weiler , can I ask who is speaking at 7 & 11 mins in ? I'm keen to explore ideas of creating collaborative story led workshops & design principles through layers of personal narratives and and be keen to chat more about therapy and play.
- Fears about AI: taking jobs, replacing humans, "taking over"
- This is interesting idea you could do a 'The Murder of Me' workshop experience exploring the idea of individual fears about AI that could shift to a collective optimism about 'The Birth of We' When I teach workshops about of iot I humanise technology by asking folk to think of ideas like " how would you invite pedestrains to dance/ excercise while waiting for the green man?, How would you make walking home in the dark safer, How would you make a mobile town square etc
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What should stay from the previous version of the MOOC and why? 

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