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Adrienne Garber

810 days ago
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A pip from an orange
A Barometer
A Tiny Pillbox
A Knife for Surgery
A Box Made of Ivory
Connected Ladies Handbag
A large cardboard box
Index of Peculiar People
836 days ago
810 days ago
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Q. I have friends and family who want to attend the Lincoln Center event. How can they get tickets?
A. We are at capacity. While this was a free event, all six shows (3 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday) at Lincoln Center are currently sold out, meaning all open spaces have been registered. However, your friends and family will be able to watch the event live using Periscope.
aag2150@columbia.edu Q. How do I sign up my MOOC team to be the Killers for a particular showtime?
A. Sign up using the Doodle poll here: http://doodle.com/poll/weiatxmkevq8fh58 and email Lance Weiler and Adrienne Garber the list of your teammates who will be participating. Remember, you need at least three people from your team to be Killers for a particular showtime, acting as the Killer with only one person is very difficult due to the lag time in Periscope.
Q. I'm local to NYC, can I come to the event?
A. Yes! We need volunteers to help us with the production of all six showtimes. Please contact Stacey Burgay who is coordinating the volunteers on the ground. Unfortunately, all six showtimes are at capacity for audience participants. We are unable to accommodate walk-ups or un-ticketed participants at this time.
Q. I am participating as a KILLER on Periscope. How do SHERLOCKs find our team on the Periscope broadcast when others (lurkers) will be logging in and watching the live stream broadcast too?
A. Lance Weiler will circulate a "K" icon that you and your fellow MOOC teammates will use as your profile icon / profile pic during the Periscope broadcast. That way, the SHERLOCKS will easily be able to pick out your instructions as the KILLERs from your user journey script, from the the "noise" of the public who might just be tuning in.
Q. How do I find the SHERLOCK team that my KILLERs team has been assigned to?
A. The assignments of the KILLERs team has been based on your response to the Doodle poll. Your assignments can be found on the Running Order Hackpad page under the heading "Schedule" here: Running Order Lincoln Center: SCHEDULE
Q. What does our KILLER team do if we experience Periscope issues the day of the event?
Q. What if I don't see one or more of my KILLER team's objects included on the Sherlock Tumblr page here: http://sherlock4n6.tumblr.com/?
A. If your object is not visible (meaning the actual image is not shown) on the Sherlock Tumblr page, than that means it was either not received by the Mon. Sept. 21st deadline or there was a technical issue in uploading it. If that is the case, you will not be able to use that object(s) at Lincoln Center because it will not be included in the NFC chips.
Q. What happens if the SHERLOCK team we are assigned to as KILLERS, falls behind or gets off track?
Lance W Q. How do I notify someone if we have a technical issue and we go black - meaning, what's the fall back plan?
A. If you have a technical issue during the show and your Periscope stream is interrupted or goes offline, the body has hand written instructions as a back up plan that are sealed in a  envelope. The body will provide these hand-written instructions to your team of SHERLOCKS so that they can complete the experience.
Q. What happens if there is a KILLERS team no show on the day / time of the performance?  
Q. What happens if there is a SHERLOCKs team no show on the day / time of the performance?  
822 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Lance Weiler , aag2150@columbia.edu 822 days ago
Goals for Meetup
  • Lock User Journey / experience
  • For user 
  • For Phone 
  • Prototype case for the magnifying glass
Lance W For more details see the Current Prototype running order 
  • Starts out as a map but then becomes a holder for the Android phone that has the magnifying glass 
  • Use it to alter the perception or participants and provide a creative spark for their imaginations  
Idea: have a revealing flap inside or back to reveal place for Android. Can have a NFC chip so when phone is placed in position the phone awakens. 
Consider Interplay between the magnifying glass prototype & rotary phone? Is there value and can it be simple? 
  • Rotary Phone User Journey Script Template
00:55 - FINISH CRAFTING THE STORY and RETURN (timer trigger on Red Phone, tells them to return to HQ)
aag2150@columbia.edu 1.       Start of game (At Scotland Yard) || HQ sets phone to first state and sends users out with a docent and their satchel of stuff. The docent fields the first call and then hand the phone over to the players.
2.      Trigger: Beacon (outside of HQ) || “Welcome to the story, Sherlock. A crime awaits your cunning intellect. Do you have what it takes to solve it? Check your map and head to where it indicates the crime happened to start your investigation.”
Lance W 3.       Trigger: Beacon (at crime location) || “ I see you’ve reached the crime scene. The body before you met an unfortunate end. Ask the body three yes or no questions to find out more about the crime. Then position the body in its final state. Be creative. This is your crime story. When your body is ready, dial me back with the button below.”
4.       Trigger: Players press button. The phone calls back when all players have pressed the button or time has run out. || “Now you’re going to work on the other crime scenes. Reach into the satchel and pull out three envelopes. Each one contains one clue. Visit the other crime scenes here and places these clues around them where they belong. Don’t put all your clues around one body. You are doing this as individuals, so feel free to explore on your own. ”
5.   Trigger: Fifteen minutes pass || “Good. Gather your team, and follow the map to the magnifying glass. I have another secret for you.”
6. Trigger: Arrival at the Lens Location || “Look around. Your map is not just a map. It’s your tool for solving your case. Take the phone and connect that to your map. That’s how you’ll get your next step.”
7.   Trigger: Beacon (at original crime location) || “You can see that clues have appeared around your crime location. Look at them through your magnifying glass and discuss what you think happened here. It’s up to you to come up with the solution to this crime. You don’t need to use all the clues – only the ones relevant to your case. ”
8.   Trigger: Ten minutes pass || “Now that you have all the clues, it’s time to solve the case. You need to tell me who the victim was, how they died, and what the motive was. Remember: you only need to use the clues relevant to your case in your solution.”
9.   Trigger: Fifteen minutes pass || “It’s time for you to solve the case. Head back to Scotland Yard to tell your story. ”
aag2150@columbia.edu 10. Players return to HQ (Scotland Yard). (What are the wrap up beats of this part?)
Lance W
  • Details of the Planned Experience  
Running Time estimated 90 minutes 
4 to 5 teams of 6 people 
Teams start and end at the same time 
  • Roles
There are two roles within the Lincoln Center Experience 
  1. KILLERS - online participants (those in the MOOC)
  • They determine body placement on map 
  • They script / guide the player via the Rotary Phone 
  • They provide objects for the crime scenes (NFC chips when scanned show photo)
  • They along with other online participants can provide descriptors "clues" that bring the objects to life via web form and voting / ranking system
  • They communicate to participants via periscope  
2. SHERLOCK HOLMES - participants on site at Lincoln Center
  • They physically place body in its "death" position 
  • They place pre-defined objects around various bodies to populate the crime scene 
  • They scan objects and record clues 
  • They craft a crime story that explains the how, what, where, when, who and why of the crime 
  • They tell the reveal the crimes as the "body" pantomimes the actions of the stories 
  • Someone on each Sherlock team carries their own personal phone that streams via periscope 
  • Consider Narrative beats from the KILLER
The narrative voice that guides participants at Lincoln Center is that of the KILLER. This sets the stage for a cat and mouse game. 
Example of Narrative and Instruction combing 
Lone phone rings in dark room - someone answers KILLER gives instructions "Each of you has a body to find, a crime scene to create and crime to solve." Each take a bag. Within this bag is a Watson Clue Book, Map, Objects... You will have x amount of time to complete this mission and I will be watching you... " 
  • Each team @Lincoln Center is given
956 days ago
aag2150@columbia.edu During the taping of the body, questions about how detailed the taping must be (fingers vs. hand, entire body or only pieces of a body)
during the drawing of the tools there were questions about whether or not to draw on and label the outlines of the items. 
During the placing of the items, players were questioning what the items were that were on or near the body. Hesitant to place their items next to things that were ambiguous.
there were questions about what 
overall the rooms were very quiet. One player remarked that she would like "mood music." Another player 
  • Record your crime story (use vid or audio - depending on size you can either email to hello@digitalstorytellinglab.com or upload to google drive or dropbox and email us a link) after the team has filled out the following template. Please fill in the template for your team.
nick@playmatics.com Narrative Beats
 All of these should be framed as MESSAGES FROM THE KILLER. 
Taping the Body (10 minutes)
lance w welcome me to a game of cat and mouse. You each have tape now go and create a crime scene. Tape out a body can be while or in pieces. Roam the Building step right out outside. Entertain me. Go now I'm watching. 
nick@playmatics.com Drawing the Objects ( 10 minutes)
lance w Return to where you first met. I need little pieces of you. Scatter them out on the paper and trace them nice and neat. I want things that can tell a story. Bouns points for an interesting object. Write no words only trace. But hurry or you'll be too late
lance w You need more please from your bags
Really sell this line - dramatic if possible 
staceyburgay@gmail.com WATSON FEEDBACK: Uncertain of what "pieces" need better description.
nick@playmatics.com Placing the Objects ( 15 minutes)
lance w oh you are good maybe too good for your own sake. Pick three objects and go and place them around another teams body with purpose. Think before you place. What type of story might the object tell. But leave it and walk away.  
Everyone needs 2 to 3 objects. Cut and tear - hurry hurry a crime scene awaits 
nick@playmatics.com Post-It Placement ( 10 minutes)
lance w Take a post it and show how clever you are. Walk and leave descriptors. Build off of each other. Tell little tales that bring these objects to life. 
For example was there a voice mail left on a phone 
Crime Story  (20 minutes)
Now return to the original body your team taped. There are objects and little stories around the bodies. Now as a team you become Sherlock. Craft a story and tell me what you think happened. 
who ho was the victim 
  • adult women, worked at Linc, vitamin, 
  • saw her family earlier 
  • married with kids 
  • baseball really angry 
lance w what were they doing at Linclon Center 
what at was the crime 
what is the motivation 
staceyburgay@gmail.com husband found out about her affair with the projectionsirt 
lance w who committed this crime
make a little story and record it.
impress me if you can...
On a cold spring night __Penelope Dribble _  was ____secretly____
at Lincoln Center. When all of the sudden __her husband came from baseball game with bat__   Due to the nature of the crime we believe that __adultry was the motivation_____
Watson  team 1 
Place observations here 
crime story 
On a cold spring night ___who is the victim __  was ____action_____
at Lincoln Center. When all of the sudden __describe the crime__   Due to the nature of the crime we believe that ___what was the motivation_____
and therefore _who is the suspect__.
Watson team 2 
Place observations here
crime story
On a cold spring night ___who is the victim __  was ____action_____
at Lincoln Center. When all of the sudden __describe the crime__   Due to the nature of the crime we believe that ___what was the motivation_____
and therefore _who is the suspect__.
Watson team 3 

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