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Valeria Amendola

527 days ago
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Rome - Rapid prototyping with Sherlock Solve and mini Sherlock Hack with Ars Ludika
371 days ago
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News and Updates
Valeria A MAKER FAIRE ROME (October, 16th - 11am)
Talk about #SherlockIoT - Global project and Italian experiences
Maker Faire Rome, The European Edition
Sunday October, 16th - 11am 
Meetup Archive 
Third meetup (18th March, 2016 - Together)
530 days ago
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Lance W A June call will be scheduled soon! 
  • Call Notes May 5th 
Update on Sherlock NYC
Sharing of revised prototype 
Tension between story and play 
Recording of the call click here
  • Call notes March 28th
722 days ago
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Random feedbacks about the Voodoo Monkey coming from Rome meetup and MAKER FAIRE ROME
797 days ago
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Valeria A Hi everyone! :)
My name is Valeria Amendola and I am from Rome, Italy. I work as a digital and social media strategist in an agency based in Rome. Since my graduation, I research what are the possibilities for transmedia storytelling and gamification, especially as tools for new narratives, collaborations or influences (i.e.: digital/cultural heritage). I have a literary and publishing background, since I graduated in Italian Studies (BA) and Publishing (MA), and right now I am collaborating with my university (Università di Roma, Sapienza) in our Gamification Lab.
I am thrilled to take part to this MOOC. I truly believe in collaboration and inspiration between beautiful minds. Hope to find a local meetup, too (it seems I am the only one in Rome. Could be possible?).
My two keywords in life, not just in this field, are story and play. Everything could be based on these two pillars.
Looking for: learn, do, share.
Hi!  My name is Elizabeth Hansen.  I am kind of based in Memphis, TN, but I am traveling a bunch this summer and writing this from Austin, TX.  Buenos Aires next week!
742 days ago

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