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Valentina Maffucci

424 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Valentina Maffucci 424 days ago
Valentina M October 16th
The team from SherlockIoT Turin brings SherlockIoT to Milan
We will be attending a Meetup for fans of Sherlock Holmes in Milan, Italy. The organizers of the Meetup have various activities lined up, and SherlockIoT will be there, too! 
We’ll be bringing a reduced version of our previous Sherlock IoT iterations, and have participants join in on the fun! We’ll also be connecting on Skype with Maker Faire Rome, where Valeria Amendola will be talking about the whole Sherlock IoT project.    
We'll be posting photos and a write up of the event soon!  
681 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Valentina Maffucci , Monica Szwarc 681 days ago
Valeria A
  • Either of the days is fine for me!
Valentina M
  • Feb 10th is good for me too! 
Monica S
  • Hi all if the 10th is best for everyone, I'll do my best to join. I teach at 1:30 pm .
672 days ago
Lance W Call notes Feb 10th
For recording of the call click here
Brief overview / project update
 Mooc split in two parts
  • EDIT self pace released in July 
  • 5 to 6 week team collaborative work starting in August and running up to NYFF in late Sept / early Oct 
Overview of the upcoming NYC meetup and thoughts on how meetups can help inform the development of the kit 
NYC meetup program and goals
Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things returns Feb 23rd to Lincoln Center for our first meetup of 2016. This special event will kickoff with a presentation of the Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab’sDigital Dozen: Breakthroughs in Storytelling. A number of the creators featured on the list will be joining us. After the presentation we’ll move into a collaborative design session that will focus on plans for 2016 and the development of a Sherlock IoT kit. 
Space is limited so make sure to RSVP
 Running Order 
 6pm to 6:10pm 
 Welcome & Overview of the meetup and its goals 
 6:15pm to 7:15pm 
 Special Presentation of the Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab's Digital Dozen 
 7:15pm to 7:30pm 
 What are you working on what do you need - participants share via an open mic 
 7:30pm to 9:30pm 
 Collaborative Session to design Sherlock IoT kit  
 Thoughts on how to connect meetups to the development of the Sherlock Kit 
Amy D
  • -Build upon what we have on hackpad. Begin to flesh it out and bring it to reality
  • -Bursts of collaboration to get the project moving
Fiona M
  • Capturing the language used to describe the experience / story by participants and collaborators
Amy D
  • -Record and share on Hackpad
  • -Offline/Online Synchronous collaboration?
Fiona M
  • exploring different media and interactions with the story, objects, clues, across platforms
  • - sharing insight for future User Journeys and Personas, refining and testing
Alexis N How can we use global meetups as a way to evolve the IoT kit?
-- share results from meetups and suggest prompts (i.e. next steps, things to test, etc.). Anyone who feels inspired can take on the challenge, either as is or modified to fit their community.
Fiona M Hackpad - asynchronous working - Would it would be helpful if teams asked open questions to prompt us to collaborate and add resources and challenges to our pads?
Lance W Team leaders for working groups to help with logistics and motivation within the groups
Fiona M Valentina / Sabrina : Team leader in each group to coordinate?
  • At every turn, weaving Sherlock into the story and experience for an outside audience
Lance W
  • Upcoming Meetups
Considering ways to connect meetups and how they can be used to iterate and develop the ongoing project. 5
Paris Meetup 
Thurs Feb 11th 
Mireille undefined Co-design an Enchanted Experience, and set the stage for an“enchanted” interactive experience for a  bigger crowd of participants during the LDS event.
Lance W Participants start to become designers - focusing on a larger April event at Learn Do Share Paris  
  • connecting to another meetup via virtual space (connection to Turin) 
Mireille undefined Sherlock Holmes Story (Short Press article version)
Lance W The Adventure of the Six Napoleons 
Mireille undefined How do we evolve Napoleon across the experience, 
(plaster cast, hologram, drawing, etc.)
Lance W Paris Running Order 
  • Form teams (new participants separate from repeat participants)
  • Backtory (The Adventure of the Six Napoleons)
  • New Participants: Create crime scene, create objects (5 x Why), add UX (Story-Play-Design)
  • Repeat participants: Create personas, create decors)
  • New participants: Place objects in crime scene 
  • Everyone: Add clues
  • All together: Return to scene of crime and visit decors. Craft & share story + non-judgmental feeback to evolve experience. Discussion around the next iteration of the experience
  • Conclusion
Lance W Checkout / Reflection 
Giving participants a User Journey flow sheet they can fill in 
[Show example of the handout] 
858 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Magdalena Wleklik , Valentina Maffucci 858 days ago
My name is Magdalena Wleklik
Working on: I work as a screenwriter and director. I teach screenwriting at the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences. I have some experience in transmedia work.
Magdalena W
  • I'm looking for develop skills in design, global narratives and technologies, meet fantastic people and be inspired.
Where are you based: Warsaw, Poland.
We are: Sabrina Giacardi and Valentina Maffucci, and we are both storytellers. We work as a team, so we decided to share this new exciting experience together! 
Working on: We have a Filmmaking and Social Media background. We have recently been investigating the world of transmedia storytelling, and we’ve created the Crossmedia Factory Association in order to develop projects which rely on a transmedia structure. We are just starting off, but we have lots of ideas, energy and are eager to achieve our goals. 
Looking for: We are looking for new contacts, collaborations, experimentation... anything that could help us broaden our horizons to this new kind of online/offline reality.
Where are you based: We live in Turin, in Italy, where we are going to host several SH&theIoT meetups.
672 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Cera Ward , Valeria Amendola , Valentina Maffucci 672 days ago
-       StoryCode Torino
Cera W
  •  Citytellers sounds awesome, it would be so cool to be able to co create a storyworld from site-specific mini-stories, especially if they were incorporated into an app that already connects stories to real world places. Is this app available everywhere or specific just to your area? I'm gonna have to look that up.
Valentina M
  • Hi Cera, I think the app is actually available internationally, since it also includes overseas locations. 
840 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Valentina Maffucci 840 days ago
Valentina M
  • Hi Ele Jansen, how awesome! So you visited Torino? :) Since Sabrina Giacardi and I are going to be launching a collaborative crossmedia storytelling project in 2016, we’re interested in documenting the aspect of collaborative storytelling in the SH&tIoT meetups (i.e. group dynamics, how to get everyone to bring their own ideas to the table, etc.). So maybe we could focus on this aspect. What do you think?

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