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GEM: can the gem be used to track its holder?
Omowale O THE BERYL CORONET: How can the gem be used to enhance a physical space? 
THE BERYL CORONET: If it is multi functioning, what may be some functions that have an emotional impact? 
THE BERYL CORONET: If this gem is meant to be seen as enchanted or magical, what will be its back story and how will it appeal to the player’s experience?
THE HAT: Will this be an object that people will wear or place things inside? 
THE HAT: How can this object be used to make a piece of the experience literally stand out in the physical space? 
THE HAT: What might player’s associate the meaning of this particular style of hat with and how can you use it?
THE WOODEN STICK: How will the wooden stick be used - as a functional object or an object that raises questions? 
THE WOODEN STICK: If used to conceal messages what message will be hidden inside it that will engage the player’s sense of awareness in the space? 
THE WOODEN STICK: Could the wooden stick be perhaps passed on like a relay stick and change other objects’ states in the environment? 
THE ANIMAL FOOTPRINT: What kind of animal would make such a footprint and would it be something that naturally exists in the space? 
THE ANIMAL FOOTPRINT: Would these footprints lead to multiple paths, perhaps true leads vs false leads? 
THE ANIMAL FOOTPRINT: Will the tracks be actual animal footprints or will you use another material to convey footprints, i.e. stickers?
THE BAROMETER: How can you take the expected use of this object and flip it in an unexpected way? 
THE BAROMETER: Instead of forecasting the weather can the barometer be used to forecast/ provide foreshadow in the experience in some way? 
THE BAROMETER: How can you come up with a non traditional emotional metric the barometer could tap into?
THE COARSE ENVELOPE: How could you expand on the intimacy of a handwritten letter and relate it to the present? 
THE COARSE ENVELOPE: Would you consider possibly having multiple letters tied together? 
THE COARSE ENVELOPE: Could you perhaps dissect the letter into parts ( stamp, envelope, letter pages) and turn it into a kind of puzzle itself?
THE FIVE DRIED ORANGE PIPS: what happen if one receives only 4 pips (one or more is missing)?
THE CONNECTED PACKAGE: How will players come across this package in the physical space? 
THE CONNECTED PACKAGE: Will players be engaged by the details on the outside of the package? 
THE CONNECTED PACKAGE: Will players perhaps be given the role to deliver this package to someone with a constraint like a time limit? 
THE MYSTERIOUS PINK NOTE: Will there be multiple notes for players to find? 
THE MYSTERIOUS PINK NOTE: What accessible technology can players use when analyzing the note? 
THE MYSTERIOUS PINK NOTE: Could the note be an actual note to the players to help guide them in game in a clever way? 
THE REVEALING LOCKET: How will players get access to the locket? 
THE REVEALING LOCKET: Will this be an object that players examine or actually use(wear)? 
THE REVEALING LOCKET: What will be the function of the locket in the players experience?
THE REVENGEFUL OIL LAMP: How would players learn how to use this item? 
THE REVENGEFUL OIL LAMP: Will the lamp be an item provided to the players early in the experience? 
THE REVENGEFUL OIL LAMP: Will the lamp be something all players have access to or a limited resource in the environment? 
THE FIVE DRIED ORANGE PIPS: How can pips as a physical object be tied to an emotional experience of a player not familiar with Sherlock to bring them into the Sherlock story world? 
THE FIVE DRIED ORANGE PIPS: How can these pips be made to interact with the environment (light up, vibrate, magical beans/pips)? 
THE FIVE DRIED ORANGE PIPS: Could this object possible engage the senses with the use of a safe scent to signal that an object/clue is nearby? 
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  • Cons: By requiring players to have a password to play the password may get in the way of the experience. Unless part the experience is perhaps uncovering the password itself. 
  • QR Magnifying Glass
Comfort/ Designed Awareness Zones....
Omowale O
  •  Estimote Beacons 
Beacons placed in discrete objects and areas that use BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) and send small pulse signals that other devices can tap into wirelessly. These beacons can be used for "unlocking micro-location and contextual awareness". 
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Omowale O Sample Crime Scene: A Billion Reasons To Die
This is my submission to my group for a crime scene story for the 100 Ideas Design Challenge. We decided to each write a sample story and then choose the one we like best AND/OR the elements we like best and submit it to complete the design challenge. 
Crime Scene Story: “ A Billion Reasons to Die”
Two Ideas from Collab Crime Scene Story:
  • The use of a controversial figure that is at high risk for being violently attacked.
  • The use of a celebrated actress
Billionaire Alistar Drystan, a young tech entrepreneur was murdered in the theater during a premiere for a new Sherlock movie. Attendees upset that the night out has taken a dramatic change soon find themselves unable to leave. They receive a mysterious text message informing them that there is a killer on the loose and they are invited to solve the crime while law enforcement works to open the door. 
  • Invitation to Play Detective and Solve a Crime:
  • Dear Good Citizens of Los Angeles, 
  •             One of your own has been murdered and I suspect the killer to still be inside. He or she may even be lurking among you as you read this message. Billionaire Alistar Drystan was murdered in the very location you stand. Unfortunately there are no known witnesses we are aware of at the moment. Your role if you choose to accept it, is to prevent further murders (including your own), and solve the crime. Hurry! I believe the criminal has an intense lust for blood and is incredibly cunning. If you do not discover their identity before these doors unlock they may get away with murder forever (including yours)!
  • Keep your eyes wide open and track your findings. Submit your deductions here (insert link to website with online form/link to open simple app built for this experience). 
  • Best of luck, 
  • S. H.
Main Characters
Alistar Drystan: Billionaire, Ladykiller, Dead man. 
Drystan achieved fame and fortune through a medical tech startup involved with radically advanced anti aging procedures. He recently made news headlines for forcing his former business partner, Ulysses Shigero, out of his company under less than amicable terms and for breaking the heart of Hollywood starlet Iva Domingo after he was caught holding hands with a mysterious woman in Beverly Hills. According to tabloids Drystan was at the movie theater to attend Domingo’s latest premiere and speak to her about an important matter.  Rumors about a proposal and a termination of an engagement placed Domingo under suspicion. 
Iva Domingo: Killer Looks, Killer Curves, Woman Scorned. 
Domingo’s rise to Hollywood reads like movie script. An orphan and runaway teen, Domingo came to L.A. with less than $20 in her pocket and a fire to make it in her heart. After landing a breakout role in the latest Sherlock movie, Domingo and Drystrand had a whirlwind fairytale romance up until recently. Domingo has appeared distraught since hearing of Drystran’s death but are her tears real or an act?
Ulysses Shigeo: Bitter Genius Visionary.
Shigeo founded a medical tech startup with Drystan while they were in college after their research lead to a significant breakthrough anti aging technology. Up until he was forced out, Shigeo focused in applying their technology towards helping alzheimer's patients while Drystan cared more about eliminating wrinkles on wealthy widows. After losing his stake Shigeo released a manifesto for technology, ethics, and irresponsible applications - implying that he believed Drystan to be too powerful and in need of regulation. Wall street speculators wonder if Shigeo grew too impatient for government actions and took his own. 
Audience/Participants: Reluctant heros transformed from watchers to active players. 
The audience is made of people who have been empowered to solve a crime by a text message from a certain “S.H.” There are Sherlockians among them who believe that Sherlock Holmes is a real figure, very much alive,  and are dedicated to the world knowing the truth about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s greatest character. The audience came out to enjoy a premiere for a new Sherlock movie starring Iva Domingo but found themselves part of a crime scene. Individually they each hold pieces to solving the mystery. Together they can reveal the truth about what happened to billionaire Alistar Drystan. 
Crime Scene Objects
ROUND BLACK HAT - in 3 row under 10 place. This was Drystan's signature hat. Was it found close or far away from his body?
HOLLAND RING - on pinkie finger. This ring was given to Drystan by his former love interest Iva Domingo. Did she want it back after having her heartbroken? Was he returning it to her? 
GOLDEN PINCE-NEZ - In the theater cup-holder, with one cracked lens. Drystan did not wear glasses but Ulysses Shigeo was often seen wearing a pair of golden rimmed frames in past photos. Are these his or someone else's? If they are his what would they be doing at the crime scene? 
MYSTERIOUS LETTER - folded in billfold. The first page is missing. The last page features a detailed story about Sherlock Holmes being a real historical figure able to slip through time and space. "If someone made a movie about you without consulting you, wouldn't you want to see it!". The writer is convinced Sherlock is real and may even be around in disguise to investigate the movie premiere. 
Designing The Experience
Main goal is to create a rich, memorable, immersive event that participants will remember long after it ends; create an experience that we may want to build further once this MOOC is over. 
Physical Space
We will create an environment both online and offline for players to explore as a puzzle.Users can collect blocks of story and arrange them in an order that fits what they want the ending to be. 
We will provide the story blocks - quite similar to what we have already done with the MOOC exercises. For example, 
  • Have a dedicated social media accounts with images and messages using custom unique hashtags for users to explore  (i.e. #CaliSherlocks). 
  • Use a mobile friendly online form OR app for participants to submit their findings. 
  • Use a sms service OR an email list to push invitation to play detective
We will allow the players to come up with the ending to the crime. In small teams, players will take votes on the ending they enjoy best. This is one possible way to encourage emergence of spontaneous delight that makes each sessions played unique for that moment. This hopefully will also allow for participants to take ownership of a piece of the storyworld and feel like they belong within it. 
Participants who get the most votes from their peers will get a link to a digital merit badge featuring the following quote from the story The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle: 
  • “It is my business to know what other people don't know.”  -S. H.  
  • Sherlock Holmes & The Internet of Things Official Detective 
  • 2015 Session: A Billion Reasons to Die
Winners will be encouraged to place the badge on their website and blogs and brag on their social media accounts about their experience. 
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Omowale O 100 Idea Brainstorm Blast: 20 Ideas/Questions
My team California Sherlocks decided to split up the task and each come up with roughly 20 ideas and questions. Here my mine.
5 W’s - Who? What? Where? When? Why? (for both story and participants.)
Who: Story
  • Who choose to use a detective to solve the crime? 
  • If we are the ones challenging the audience to solve a crime what role do we represent to them in the experience? 
  • Are we going to incorporate ourselves into the story? 
  • i.e. We are former employees and the victim was our boss
  • i.e. We silently play along and act as a hidden hand to gently push participants further in the experience. 
  • i.e. We only create a smart object experience that is scalable and interact with the participants through that object
  • Who would benefit the most from the victim’s death?
  • Who would lose the most from the victim’s death?
  • Who was the victim?
  • Will participants will be assigned roles and one of them will play the role as the victim?
  • Who was the last person to see the victim alive? 
  • Are there witnesses to the murder?
  • i.e. Some of the audience may play the role as witnesses with different people having a piece to solve the mystery and the only way the truth is revealed is through people actually interacting with each other to gather pieces
Who: Participants
  • Who would want to participate in Sherlock & The Internet of Things and in what way? 
  • How will they find out about it? 
  • What would they ultimately want out of it as a user of the smart object prototype we make?
  • What features would that object have?
  • How would that object fit in with the setting of the movie theater?
  • Will it be a physical object we hand out to participants or will it be something they can bring on themselves? i.e. an app or website accessed through mobile
What: Story
  • What makes the setting of the crime stand out?
  • Movie theaters are tied to storytelling.
  • Traditionally perceived to be a safe space meant for observing media
  • Darkness allows for people to get away with things they would not normally do in the light
  • It is a place where people gather but not a traditional space where people come to interact
  • What could be the make the motive of the murder compelling?
  • If the motive relates to common human experiences
  • i.e. love, jealousy, revenge
  • If the motive is deeply disturbing, leaving people to search for understanding. 
  • What makes this playful for a contemporary audience?
  • The use of the internet of things
  • The blurring of reality through the fusion of physical and digital space
  • The opportunity to connect and collaborate with other people 
  • The chance to explore a well known storyworld that has deeply influenced Western society in a new, updated, engaging way
What: Participants
  • What tools do potential participants have access to in their everyday life that they can use to help them solve the crime?
  • Smart phones
  • Apps
  • Camera
  • Social Media
  • Other people
  • Participants can bring friends and family to join in and use other people’s brains and unique skills as a resource
  • What would be a good way to set up a crime scene for people to explore it?
  • Limit group size and have set times
  • Provide designated zones for people to explore that are very clearly marked off
  • Create indicators to separate who is not in the Sherlock experience from those who are
  • i.e. wristbands
  • i.e. telling all participants to wear sunglasses or hats
  • What parts of the experience will participants have to explore in the real world? What parts will they have to explore in the digital space? What parts will take advantage of sensors in the real world (internet of things)?
  • Participants can sign up online to before the date of October 24th & 25th. This way we can get a feel for interest and number of people
  • Participants can play simple social media games that build up to the actual event dates and even help build the storyworld through taking pictures of their world and incorporating them into our storyworld
  • What resources do we have already have access to that are reasonable(within a modest budget for physical prototyping)? 
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Smart Phones
  • Good old fashion pen and paper
  • Access to movie theaters (possibly multiple locations)
  • What is the minimum viable product/experience we want people to have above anything else?
  • We should keep this question in mind. We can’t answer it yet until we do a few more exercises or get very clear about our narrative for this experience. 
  • What can we do to encourage spontaneous collisions of insight for participants? 
  • Set up physical spaces for people to bump into each other either through the actual layout or by giving participants task that force them to talk to other people. 
Where: Story
  • Where was the victim coming from and where were they supposed to go after the movies?
Where: Participants
  • Where will the participants share their findings? Is there a right or wrong solution or will each solution be unique and emerge from the system we create? 
  • Participants can share online through hashtags
  • In person on the date of the Sherlock experience (Oct. 24th & 25th)
  • Through other means?
  • i.e. Reddit
  • i.e. Word of mouth
  • i.e. Maybe even press coverage
  • Where will participants access the smart object prototype?
  • Will it be limited to the space of the movie theater?
  • Will it be something they can use after the experience is over?
  • Will there be more than one copy?
  • i.e. if it is an app there will be multiple downloads
  • If it is another kind of object we might have to build two or three since we are not all located in the same place
Why: Story
  • Why does this particular death matter - both in the story and to participants?
  • Unknown until we flush out the story more. 
  • Why was the victim at the movies - is there a special significance or tie that brought the victim to the theater? 
  • Elayne’s idea of a sherlock themed event fits in well here. Refer to idea #1 on this document. 
  • Why are there detective services being used in this case?
  • What is a reason that the audience will accept to that empowers them to solve this case instead of law enforcement? 
  • i.e. All services are mysteriously not available.

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