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822 days ago
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For more details see the Current Prototype running order 
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This pad was for prep to run the crime scene / periscope feed at  for the Power to the Pixel conference.
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Lance W We are in the process of archiving 
We're moving this hackpad over to another server. If you're interested in lending a hand please let us know. Thanks. 
835 days ago
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Object: Pinned Butterfly
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569 days ago
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Sabrina G May 28th
Valentina M We are currently working with Officine Arduino and with the students of “ITS per le tecnologie dell'informazione e della comunicazione”, a vocational training school for IT and communication. 
The students are working on creating 3 smart objects which will be used during the SherlockIoT event which will take place at the Mini Maker Faire at Fablab Torino, which also happens to host this year “Vaporosamente”, a Steampunk convention. 
For this reason, we decided to draw inspiration from the Steampunk genre for our thematic backdrop, and as a result, the smart objects will be designed to fit in this kind of setting: they are going to work, look like and feel like something out of a Steampunk novel or movie. 
We are also probably going to be building a Bot which will work within the Telegram app, which is meant to work as a means of communication among teams during the SherlockIoT game, providing players with automated info when tasks are completed, and helping them to coordinate their efforts.  
We are currently working towards the development of a more independent experience, so that more teams can play at the same time and be able to freely explore the storyworld, while interacting and collaborating with each other.  

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